The Entrepreneur Retirement Plan of America (ERPA) is an innovative retirement planning solution available to small businesses. The ERPA gives smaller companies access to a retirement planning solution typically available only to large businesses.

Built on a 401(k) platform, the ERPA is a turnkey solution inclusive of professional trustee, fiduciary, administrative, management, and investment services. Initial and ongoing compliance is extremely important when dealing with any form of retirement plan. The ERPA team helps the small business entrepreneur maintain ongoing Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor regulatory compliance.

In addition to its many strengths as a 401(k) plan, ERPA enables entrepreneurs to use their qualified retirement assets to invest directly in the small business itself. When properly implemented and administered, the ERPA enables an individual to access his or her retirement funds to capitalize a small business while preserving the fund’s tax deferral and avoiding penalties. Upon adopting the ERPA, plan participants have immediate access to a set of professionally managed investment portfolios. Thus, ERPA is a comprehensive turnkey solution.

The cost to adopt and maintain ERPA is unmatched by any other plan capable of providing similar benefits. In fact, the mutual fund fees are roughly one-third of the industry standard. In this preview of ERPA, you’ll discover a wealth of information about why small business owners have adopted our unique, compliant, professionally managed retirement plan. We are confident that once you have completed your review, you will find it to be a value-added solution that can help you and your small business succeed.

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