Business Broker Testimonial

This is a testimonial/review of our services from a professional working for a well-known business brokerage firm:

“I have known Monty Walker for many years and his reputation and unique skills regarding Business Transactional Tax Issues have been extremely helpful to every client who has used his services. He is exceptional at what he does and is regarded as the authority on the subject of tax structure.  While I was aware of the services Monty provided to use retirement monies tax deferred and penalty free to capitalize a business or franchise , it was not until I started receiving newsletters from Fred Whitlock that I learned that Walker Advisory had a ROBS (Rollovers As Business Start-Ups) program that is totally turnkey . It offers an investment platform with 15 different investment options and 5 investment portfolios. In addition he is the trustee and fiduciary, shouldering all liability and responsibility not the client or the lending institution, which is unique and favorable to all parties involved. I believed this program was like ALL other programs offering a structure  using 401(k) funds to purchase businesses.

NOT SO. His program is a Safe Harbor 401(k) which is the most complete and compliant of all 401(k)s. The plan is audited annually by an independent accounting firm and all of this can be achieved for the same price as Benetrends or Guidant. It is actually less expensive if you take into consideration all that is provided to the client. I was taken aback to say the least. I now work even more diligently with Monty and Fred every opportunity I get because my clients can focus on building their businesses and not have to deal with the IRS or DOL. I have sent them over 8 clients this year and should have more than 12 buyers looking to utilize their services by the end of 2017.

Thank you Monty and Fred ……………the power of an email!”

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